Thursday, July 12, 2012

CHA 2012 July Release

The next set is With Gratitude Labels One. It uses all the little sentiments that you need. This set is easily becoming one of my favorites. I have stamped this set. It looks pretty with a little bit of a glitter pen rolled around the edges or on the scroll work. The best part is that it can be die cut with the JustRite Custom Dies JB-03830 Antique Labels One.

Hope you like this set that can be used in so many ways. This may be the set that I use to make my Awana Leader Thank You gifts for this fall. I have collected 20 tiny jars to use for hot chocolate mix. Maybe after school starts!

Grace & Peace,


  1. These are beautiful as are all of your designs, and I love the way they can be used in so many ways! I also love the way the packaging matches your blog. The colors are so fresh and pretty. I hang my dies in their packaging so I can see them all easily, and they add a cheerful note to my display! :-)

  2. Amy, am coming from Becca's blog to thank you for including her in the JRS family. She is a lovely soul and I am so grateful to find her work translated into JRS stamps. I understand we have YOU to thank for the majority of the wonderful stamps at JRS! Thank you!!! I have visited JRS for 3 years without purchasing. I was confused by all the mounts and different sizes, etc. but now with cling and clear stamps you are in my wheelhouse as I have used clear acrylic mounts for years.

    My recent (and first) purchase from JRS was a wonderful experience and the designs are lovely. I'll be a long-time customer from now on. Keep up the amazing work that you do,best wishes and continued success!

  3. Becca Feeken asked, as a special favor to her, that her subbies visit your site in appreciation of all you have done for her. Since I consider her my #1 teacher, I am happy to visit you!! After reading your profile, I have even more reason to be glad to be here. My MIL had stage 4 ovarian cancer when it was discovered and she kept it at bay for over 7 years of traditional treatment and a macrobiotic diet. She was about 70 when it was first discovered, so she even had age going against her. After 7 years she gathered us all together and said she'd lived a good and full life, had traveled and seen much of the world, her children were grown and successful and she wanted her STEAK and CHOCOLATE!!! She passed away about 6 months after abandoning the macrobiotic diet. Doing what she wanted right to the end, she insisted on getting out of the hospital for a few hours to see her first and only art exhibit at a local gallery. She was a print maker and so thrilled to see her things so beautifully displayed at the lovely little gallery. Having satisfied her life's desires, she was gone the next day. I have so many friends who are cancer survivors (one in her mid-80's) and it is a pleasure to meet one more. Keep up the good work and the beautiful creations! Blessings to you and yours....